Thu Hương Nguyễn

Brainstorm about speaking room chat

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  • Time 30-45m
  • For those who need to speaking IELTS in the future, for those who wants to improve their English speaking, pronunciation
  • Focusing on Part 2 – IELTS
  • The topic will be given by the leader
  • The leader will prepare some suggestions, vocabulary and also (maybe a video demo)
  • Everyone need to prepare the topic before the starting time
  • The real speaking test – part 2 will last only 2 minutes – so everyone has 2 minutes for their own part
  • Comment: Everyone has the right to make comments
  • There’s a person – Gabriel – from Singapore to make comments and check your mistakes
  • After that, one person need to make a video to post on their own facebook page and also a facebook group

Preparation for tomorrow’s speaking room chat

  • How to make a group on skype?
  • How to make a facebook group?
  • Choose one topic with some vocabularies and post on facebook the days before starting room chat

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