Thu Hương Nguyễn

TET 2015

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The goat year is coming near, just one hour from now on. I am here writing this note. Maybe this Tet I have so many feelings. I don’t know why. Maybe I grow up and feel that I need to have the responsibilities to my family as an eldest sister. Maybe I feel pressure about other’s opinion related to my future boyfriend or husband, something like that. Maybe it’s the feeling when I see my parents are older and older, my younger brother’s nearing 18 but he’s just interested in playing games. Me,24, working far from home…This Tet leave me so many things that I need to think about. What do I need to do right now? I want to help my family and if I can, I want to help many more others. But right now I am so helpless. Yes powerless, disappointed, bored….

I am trying to walk thru my own path, find my own way, own career but everything’s so blur. These days, I often imagine my future in the next five year and the imagination is not so good. It’s an old maid with nothing in hand, no boyfriend, no career, nothing, single….. Wow, It’s so scared….

But you know, when I write this note, I feel better and better. As the result, I think writing make me feel better, maybe facing myself inside….

Ok, this is the last note for 2014. We are looking forward to seeing the goat. He’s running very fast… And now I need to help my mother….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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