Thu Hương Nguyễn

Where is the youth spirit?


Now I tell you my thoughts through time….

It has been one and a haft year since I moved to Saigon for my own career. I changed 3 companies. The first one is a real estate company called Jones Lang LaSalle. I was a 6-month temporary receptionist. And then I moved to a media company. It’s quite big and from my point of view, it’s like a family company. It means that even you are talented, you still  need to get closed with the boss to get promotion. I think it’s really annoying. I don’t know why but I cannot get along with the company. Then it has been 6 months since I moved to my recent company. I feel quite happy with this company but 2 recent months I get trouble with my uncle’s family because I went home late as my company has been implementing an accounting software… Then everything was getting serious among my extended family. All people in my family know that and makes it serious. They scare that maybe I will be murdered if coming home late. The thing I want to emphasize is that everyone wants me to live a forever-permanent life. It’s means that I will get a so-so job, have a so-so husband, live a so-so life and nothing else. Now I am 24 and they frighten that I will get older and older and need to get married soon. I feel so depressed and disappointed. WHERE IS THE YOUTH SPIRIT?

Yes, that’s the question I want you ask. WHERE IS THE YOUTH SPIRIT?. Yes, maybe my family members have their point of view. They are worried about me. BUT I think right now I want to live as a 20 something girl, do everything I like, go travel everywhere I can, communicating with everyone, learning to see the world. And I know that it’s hard cause I still live with my uncle family. I need to make a detail plan for my independent life. It must be harder when I move out. It means that I cannot save much money in order to give to my family. But I feel regretted if I lost my youthful time. It’s a BIG REGRET. AND I CANNOT DO IT TO MYSELF.

I think that I am happy when I live my life!!! BE STRONG HUONG. YOU CAN DO THAT!!!

2 thoughts on “Where is the youth spirit?

  1. Hi Thu Huong,
    I can only offer you one advice: to live your life freely, you need to be financially independent FIRST.

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